Services Offered by IBBS

We custom design and manufacture bags to clients individual size and requirements.

Depending on the product being packaged as well as the method of filling the bag, we adjust both
the material strength as well as top and bottoms
to meet the clients requirements.
Our Bulk Bag Features :
• Strong & durable
• Protects products
• Inexpensive & cost effective
• Easy to handle
• 100% recyclable
• Document pouches
• Printing, two sides, 4 colors

Why Industrial Bulk Bags?
• Quality products & service
• On time delivery, even on weekends, if required
• Customised designs
• Environmentally friendly

safety features
• 5-1 nonhazardous material, single trip uses
• 6-1 hazardous materials, multi trip uses

Bottom Design

Quick Discharge/ Conical Base

Discharge Spout

Discharge spout with throttle closure

Discharge Spout  with Petal Closure

Full Drop Bottom

Discharge Spout with Protection Flap

Top Design

Flap Cover

Open Top

Open Top and Tightening Holes

Duffle top

Conical Top

Flap cover and Duffle Top

Filling Spout

Lifting Loops

Side-Seam Loops

Single Stevedore Strap

Hood Lift

Sleeve Lift

Cross-Corner Loops

Double Stevedore Straps

Side to Side Loops