More About Us

Kysami Manufacturing cc trading as Industrial Bulk Bag Suppliers is an established BEE compliant
manufacturer of bulk bags. We design and produce to company specific requirements as well as in
standardised industry format a wide variety of bulk bags used in industries that include the mining,
agricultural, chemical, mineral processing and food sectors.

These bulk bags are designed to sizes and shapes customised to specific needs of individual clients.

Best quality woven polypropylene are used in all our products, in conjuction with our stringent quality
management process which has been built systematically over the last few years ensures an excellent quality
bag .  Together with our human resource policy of retaining well qualified bulk bag manufacturing staff we can deliver a winning solutions each every time, on time and within a client's budget.

Industrial Bulk Bag Suppliers was established in 1985. As a team, we partner in business with both suppliers
and clients, striving to grow and succeed together.

Our reputation has been built on going the extra mile for all our clients. Even if it means working after hours and weekends to delivery an excellent service.

Industrial Bulk Bag Suppliers is a BEE compliant enterprise.


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